Are Stairs In The Kitchen A Good Idea

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home. That is where all the food is made, but it is also the place that has all the storage for the food as well. However, some people are looking at the new design trends and comparing them with the older design trends and this is leading to some people starting to ask if stairs in the kitchen are a good idea or not. Some people, are even going a step further and have started to ask the designer of the homes if they can even have stairs in the kitchen. With that being the case, today we will discuss and this and touch upon when stairs are a good idea and when they are bad.



When Stairs are a good idea


The times the stairs would be a good idea is if they are going to lead up to the second story of the home and they could not go anywhere else. This would be like for bedrooms right above the kitchen or rooms like that. However, if this is going to be a well-travelled area and it would be a good idea if the rooms above the kitchen were not going to be tramped up and down to every five minutes via the kitchen and make the stairs elsewhere.


Other times the stairs are going to work great for the kitchen is if the shelving units are really tall. For example, if you are a shorter person and the shelves are over seven feet tall it will be easier for people to reach the shelves. So, this is another great time that it would be very acceptable to have the stairs in the kitchen so people could reach the top shelf.


When They Are a Bad Idea

Stairs are not always a good idea and that could be obvious if the stairs are going to a heavily travelled area. That is because the stairs will end up having people on them almost all the time. When people are on the stairs almost all the time it will make it very difficult for people to get any cooking done, but also makes it hard for people to find the food they need to have. Therefore if the stairs are going to be well travelled and constantly having people on them then they may not be a good idea to have in the kitchen.


Being able to get a great look to the home often means combining multiple design ideas. This may even include some of the older design ideas like having the stairs in the kitchen. However, what people need to realize is there is a time when stairs in the kitchen is going to be a good idea and when they will be a bad idea. Then they will be able to have a great experience in getting the design done in their home and know it will be brilliant once it is completed.