A Guide To The Best Kitchen Design Software To Create The Ideal Kitchen

Despite the excitement involved in renovation and installation of a new kitchen, the task can be highly stressful and complicated.  Deciding on the design for a new kitchen can be difficult if you are unsure of the type of kitchen you are looking to build.  Many people choose to visit showrooms to see pre-built designs, and this can be beneficial to identify different fixtures and fittings; however, it is difficult to imagine them in your own property.

Nowadays, advanced technology has made it much simpler and less stressful to visualize the kitchen and design the ideal room.  Using 3D software allows a person to “mess about” with various layouts, color schemes and structures creating kitchen designs without having to spend money on the plan.  By doing some research, you will find many online kitchen design resources that are free of charge and easy to use for kitchen design creation.  This article will discuss the best design software to develop the ideal kitchen.

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  • The Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner

The Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner is one of the more popular kitchen design software tools and is available for use in all modern browsers.  It presents as a browser extension and however it needs to be downloaded before it can be utilized.  This means that the tool will not function on the majority of public-based computers or office-based computers where installation of extensions is disallowed.  Furthermore, the tool requires a screen resolution of at least 1024×768 making it inaccessible on many tablets.

Despite those minor technical difficulties, the Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner is a simple tool to utilize with a drag-and-drop feature.  All of the items located in the tool can be found in the Ikea store so you can build the dream kitchen in reality after creating it digitally.


  • The Autodesk HomeStyler

The Autodesk HomeStyler is a type of kitchen design software that can provide both 3D and 2D room planning.  It operates on almost all web browsers and is powered by Flash, which is an extension the majority of people have installed on their computers.  This software is an attractive option and the 3D features are impressive allowing the user to zoom, pan and rotate the camera.

A unique feature of the HomeStyler software is that it allows defining of more than one room setting the room’s shape and decoration.  It is also possible to change the color scheme and patterning of the floor, counters and walls.  There is a good range of decorative options allowing for sophisticated personalization of the kitchen; however, the software can be sluggish and tiresome to use at times.  This is particularly true when switching from the 3D to 2D view.



  • The Homebase Kitchen Planner

Regarding functionality, the Homebase Kitchen Planner is almost identical to the Ikea 3D Kitchen Planner.  Both of the tools operate using a 20-20 3D viewer, but the primary difference is the branding and selection of goods to customize the room.  One fortunate  feature presented with the Homebase software is that there is the option to view the design using a photorealistic high-quality mode.